Northern Phoenix FC

Uniting Passion and Community : The Northern Phoenix Futsal Club

Welcome to the Northern Phoenix Futsal Club, a dynamic and inclusive community where passion for futsal meets professionalism and a vision for the future. Our club stands proudly at the intersection of competition and community, representing both men’s and women’s teams in the prestigious Series Futsal elite leagues. Beyond the competition, Northern Phoenix is home to an extensive academy program rooted in the heart of Futsal Oz Brunswick and Thomastown centers, nurturing talents from under 8s to under 16s, alongside a robust under 21 youth men’s team.


Our Roots, Our Passion
At Northern Phoenix, futsal is more than a game; it’s a culture, a community, and a lifestyle. From the energy on the pitch to the enthusiasm of our fans, we embody a spirit of excellence, dedication, and unity. Our club is built on the foundation of providing young players, especially women, with remarkable opportunities to shine in the world of futsal. With an average age of 16 in our women’s teams, we’re not just fostering sports talents; we’re empowering young women to lead, compete, and excel.


Vision and Mission
Our vision is a future where futsal is not just a pathway to professional sports excellence but a medium through which we foster community, character, and a shared love for the game. We invest deeply in our academy, believing that the future of futsal and our community lies in the youth. Through comprehensive training, mentorship, and exposure, we aim to reveal and refine the buoys of talent within our community, providing a platform where they can grow, not only as athletes but as leaders and contributors to society.

Our mission centers around the holistic development of our players, making every pass on the court a step towards building a more positive and cohesive community. We are committed to offering a nurturing environment where every player, regardless of age, can achieve their full potential, supported by top-tier coaching, health, and wellbeing programs.


A United Community
Northern Phoenix Futsal Club is more than a team; we are a family, and our club is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. Our focus extends beyond fostering elite athletes; we are dedicated to creating a platform where the community can engage, support, and uplift one another. This ethos is embedded in everything we do, from community outreach programs to supporting local initiatives.


From our President
President Sam Masters articulates this ethos clearly, stating, “Here at Northern Phoenix, we cherish the game, but more importantly, we cherish our people. Our club is a beacon of hope, ambition, and unity, where every member has the opportunity