Northern Phoenix FC

All our men’s, women’s and youth men’s games are played at Series Futsal Arena in Thomastown

All our junior games are played across Brunswick and Thomastown Futsal Oz

We currently do not offer membership due to the league we play in.

Tickets are only purchased at the centre upon entry.

At the time of writing, our women’s game tickets cost $6 for adult and $3 for children. Ours men’s game cost $4 for adults and $2 for children. Cup match tickets varies depending on the stage.

Tickets can be purchased by either cash or card.

You can sit anywhere you like, unless been told to sit otherwise.

An Official Supporters Club is a group of 20 or more passionate fans who meet up for events and support Northern Phoenix together, wherever they are in Melbourne. They may also visit Series Arena for a match together.